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Stock Market Masters Course

A fully detailed stock market course with over 200 lessons. This course teaches you whether you're a beginner or an already experienced individual. You will learn a wealth of knowledge including account types, long term investing, swing trading, day trading, technical analysis, options, short selling, ETF's, dividend investing, how to identify trends, trading and investing strategies and much more. This course takes approximately 20 hours to complete. You can complete the course at your own pace, on your own schedule, and you can redo it as many times as you wish. It's fully narrated so you can listen to it like an audio book and there's hours of video which make the course interactive, easy to understand and fun to learn.

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The Gold Lifetime Membership Bundle includes the full Stock Market Masters Course and it also includes lifetime access to 10 Bagger's VIP Discord server. That's right, lifetime access. Pay once then never again. Bagger goes live most days in the mornings and does a live analysis of the market. Bagger also tells his members every trade he makes as soon as he buys or sells. There's also a chatroom for all the members and there's other members that share their trades and ideas too. The Discord is easy to use and straightforward. It's also very organized and easy to follow. There's currently over 2000 Gold Members! With this Gold Membership you get the best of everything that 10 Bagger Stocks currently offers.

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  • Made for Everyone

    While a large focus of mine is on Canadian markets, my courses and services are applicable to all markets. I talk about both US and Canadian stocks in my signal chat, so don't feel left out if you're from the United States or another country.

  • Quality Product

    My course is fully narrated in English by me in crisp, clean audio, so if you don't like reading don't worry, I read it for you; you can listen to the bulk of the course like an audio book. In addition to narrated text, there's over 12 hours of high quality videos and you can watch the videos with subtitles as well. So many features designed to make the learning experience easy and pleasant.

  • Save Money

    For a limited time, I'm offering lifetime access passes. While most other companies and traders sell you a subscription that typically costs $100-$200 USD per month, with 10 Bagger Stocks, now's your chance to secure a lifetime membership for a one time fee.

  • Experienced

    I'm very experienced with the markets as I've been involved in the stock market for over 8 years. Stocks is my passion. I spend almost every single day studying the charts and looking for opportunities. This is not only my business but it's my career. I don't have another job. I trade stocks almost every single day. Throughout the years I made many mistakes and have had many successes and I teach you what I learned so you don’t have to spend the many years learning it on your own.

  • Proven Track Record

    While many traders claim to be knowledgeable, they often don't show you their skills; they just show off a fancy car or trades they made after the fact and everyone believes them. Day after day I post all kinds of valuable information on my Instagram and YouTube, so you can get a good idea of how I teach, the outcome of my predictions, and my skills beforehand.

  • Great Reviews

    I come highly reviewed with great feedback from my course members and you can see this through the comments on my Instagram, my YouTube, messages I've received (scroll down for screenshots) and more. If people were unhappy with my products or services, there would be some sort of negative feedback online, and thus far, there is none.

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The prices are shown in Canadian dollars and already include HST


  • What does lifetime access mean?

    Lifetime access means that you get access to my premium Discord channels for as long as I continue to provide the service (and I intend on running the service for a long time and the service will continue to improve as my company grows). You will never have to pay any additional fees.

  • What does HST included mean?

    HST included means that the 13% HST tax is already included in the price and isn't an additional charge. The price you see is shown in Canadian dollars and it's the total price. There's no additional charges.

  • How often do you send signals in the Discord?

    I typically send out between 10 and 20 trade or investment ideas per week in the Discord and I send out a mixture of Canadian and US stocks. I also have other experienced traders giving out signals as well. The signals are separated between day trade, swing trade, long term and option trade ideas, so that whichever type of trader or investor you are, my service is made for you.

  • Why should I purchase from 10 Bagger Stocks over other companies?

    My course and Discord have received an extensive amount of positive feedback, many of my members have talked about having great results, and the videos and information on my YouTube and Instagram illustrate my knowledge and experience in the markets. I used professional video and audio recording equipment to film the videos and record the audio for my course. The videos in my course are offered with subtitles as well. The majority of the text in my course is narrated by me in crisp clean audio so you can listen to the lessons like an audio book instead of read the text. I have aspirations to grow 10 Bagger Stocks into a stock market information and education powerhouse and I intend to offer more innovations, products and services in the future. There's many reasons why my course and services are the best choice, especially for Canadians.

  • I'm a beginner. Where should I start?

    If you're a beginner, any of my product and service offerings should help get your foot planted securely into the market. For the best value, get the Gold Bundle.

  • How often does 10 Bagger go live?

    I go live almost every day in the mornings for at least an hour or two. If I'm not live, there's always other traders on there sharing ideas and working together to find promising trade setups.

  • Can I just copy your trades and profit?

    In theory you can copy the trades that I do. Although I believe it's best that you learn the charts and how to trade with high accuracy and that's why I provide a course as well; so that you can find your own trades that suit you.

  • What is the refund policy?

    I believe that I created very good products and services for great value and I work extremely hard to deliver quality and I believe you'll be happy with your purchase. I do not offer refunds so please email me at stefano@10baggerstocks.com or do the free preview if you have any questions or concerns before paying. In rare instances I may provide some money back depending on the circumstances and reasons for the refund within the first 1-2 weeks.

Stock Market Masters Course curriculum

  • 6

    Bulls vs. Bears

    • Bulls and Bears

    • The Purpose of Bears

  • 7

    Popular Phrases and Terms

    • Bull Market

    • Bear Market

    • The Trend is Your Friend

    • Buy Low, Sell High

    • Buy High, Sell Higher

    • Buy the Rumour, Sell the News

    • Sell the Rumour, Buy the News

    • Waiting for a Pullback

    • Bulls Make Money, Bears Make Money, Pigs Get Slaughtered

    • Markets Can Stay Irrational Longer than You Can Stay Solvent

    • The Fed Printer Goes Brrr

    • HODL

    • Bagholding

    • This Time Is Different

    • Averaging Down

    • Averaging Up

    • Short Squeeze

    • Blue Sky Breakout

    • Black Dirt Breakdown

    • Gap Ups Are For Selling

    • Gap Downs Are For Buying

    • Don't Try To Catch A Falling Knife

    • Dead Cat Bounce

    • Buy the Dip, Sell the Rip

    • Hedging

    • Sell in May and Go Away

    • Diversify

  • 8


    • ETF's Introduction

    • What are ETF's?

    • ETF Pros and Cons

    • Index Funds (Bonus for Canadians)

    • Fixed Income ETF's (Bonus for Canadians)

    • Leveraged and Inverse ETF's (Bonus for Canadians)

    • Thematic ETF's (Bonus for Canadians)

    • Asset Allocation ETF's (Bonus for Canadians)

    • Review

  • 9

    Other Types of Investments

    • Mutual Funds

    • Hedge Funds

    • Hedge Funds Impact on Markets

    • Fixed Income Funds

  • 10


    • What are Stock Futures?

  • 11


    • What are Dividends?

    • Dividend Yields

    • Ex-Dividend Date

    • Frequency of Payments

    • Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRIP)

    • Dividend Stocks on the TSX (Bonus for Canadians)

  • 12


    • Options Introduction

    • What are Options and How Do they Work?

    • Benefits of Trading Options

    • Risks of Trading Options

    • Review

    • Options Webinar

  • 13

    Short Selling

    • Short Selling Introduction

    • What is Short Selling?

    • How to Short Sell Stocks

    • Risks of Short Selling Stocks

    • Review

  • 14

    Financial Reports

    • Financial Reports Introduction

    • Understanding Balance Sheets

    • Understanding Quarterly Reports

    • Review

  • 15


    • What is the PE Ratio?

    • What is the PB Ratio?

    • What is Market Capitilization?

    • What are Listed and Fully Diluted Shares?

    • Sample

    • Review

  • 16

    Factors that Impact Stock Prices

    • Factors that Impact Stock Prices Introduction

    • Stock Dilution

    • Debt

    • Revenue Growth

    • Profits

    • Cash on Hand

    • Interest Rates

    • Economy

    • News

    • Future Outlook

    • Trends

    • Correlations

    • Stock Splits

    • Inflation

    • Catalysts

  • 17

    Stock Bubbles

    • Stock Bubbles Introduction

    • What is a Stock Bubble?

    • How to Identify a Stock Bubble

    • How to Make Money on a Bubble

    • Typical Stock Bubble Formation

  • 18

    Managing Risks

    • Creating and Following a Trading Plan

    • Regulating Your Emotions

    • Position Sizing

    • Identifying Potential Risk vs. Potential Reward

    • News Events

    • Using Margin or Credit to Trade or Invest

  • 19

    Unforeseen Circumstances

    • Trading Halt

    • Unexpected News

    • Black Swan Events

  • 20

    Market Manipulation

    • Pre and Post Market Manipulation

    • Media Coverage

    • Rumours

    • Analysts Recommendations

    • Pump and Dump

    • Stop Hunting

    • Hidden Orders

    • Spoofing

  • 21

    Order Execution

    • Buy Limit & Buy Market

    • Sell Limit & Sell Market

    • Stop Limit & Stop Market

    • Trailing Stop Limit & Trailing Stop Market

    • Order Expirations

    • Extended Hours Trading

    • OTA One Triggers Another Order (Advanced)

    • OCO One Cancels Other Order (Advanced)

    • FTA First Triggers Another Order (Advanced)

    • Order Confirmations

    • Trade Settlement

    • Review

  • 22

    Trading Styles

    • Long Term Investing Strategy

    • Pros and Cons of Long Term Investing

    • Day Trading Strategy

    • Pros and Cons of Day Trading

    • Swing Trading Strategy

    • Pros and Cons of Swing Trading

  • 23

    Finding Opportunities

    • Thinking Outside the Box

    • Word on the Streets

    • Stock Screeners

  • 24

    Trading Psychology

    • Trading Psychology Introduction

    • Fear of Missing Out

    • Panic

    • Despair

    • Gambling Mentality

    • Comfort

  • 25


    • Times to Trade

    • Planning Trades

    • Setting Goals

  • 26

    Technical Chart Analysis

    • How I Set Up My Chart on TradingView

    • Chart Setup

    • Timeframes

    • How I View Timeframes

    • Candlesticks

    • Bullish Chart Patterns

    • Bearish Chart Patterns

    • Drawing Trendlines

    • Gaps

    • Volume

    • Volume Breakdown & Importance

    • What to Look for in Volume 1

    • What to Look for in Volume 2

    • What to Look for in Volume 3

    • Bollinger Bands

    • Moving Averages

    • How I Use Moving Averages and Bollinger Bands

    • Support & Resistance

    • How to Identify Support & Resistance

    • Uptrends & Downtrends

    • How to Identify Uptrends & Downtrends

    • Consolidation

    • MACD

    • Relative Strength Index (RSI)

    • More Strategies and Analysis

    • Parabolic Move

    • Fakeouts

  • 27

    Technical Analysis Sample Videos

    • Shopify Chart Analysis

    • Blackberry Chart Analysis

    • Air Canada Chart Analysis

    • Cineplex Chart Analysis

    • Cryptocurrency Chart Analysis

    • Amazon Chart Analysis

    • Nvidia Chart Analysis

  • 28

    Prepare to Trade

    • Trade Checklist

    • Morning Routine

    • Scouting Entries & Exits

    • Premature Entries

    • Chasing

    • Chasing Examples

    • Revenge Trading

    • Missing Information

  • 29

    Simple Day Trading Strategy

    • Breaking this Strategy into Simple Steps

  • 30

    Preventing Losses

    • Prevent and Prepare for Losses

  • 31

    How to Make Money in a Bear Market

    • Bear Markets

    • Inverse ETF's

    • Put Options

    • Short Selling

    • Trading Bounces

    • Defensive Equities

    • How to Spot a Bear Market

  • 32


    • Red Line Strategy & More Live Video

    • Charts, Options & Protecting Profits Webinar

    • Live Trade on RBLX

    • TradingView Watchlists

    • Popular Canadian Stocks

  • 33

    New Updates

    • List of Changes & Updates

  • 34

    Videos with Subtitles

    • Welcome to the Course

    • Introduction

    • Accounts & Tax Basics Introduction

    • Options Introduction

    • Short Selling Introduction

    • Financial Reports Introduction

    • Factors That Impact Stock Prices Introduction

    • Stock Bubbles Introduction

    • Trading Psychology Introduction

    • How I Setup My Chart on TradingView

    • How I View Timeframes

    • Drawing Trendlines

    • Volume Breakdown & Importance

    • What to Look for in Volume 1

    • What to Look for in Volume 2

    • What to Look for in Volume 3

    • How to Identify Support & Resistance

    • How to Identify Uptrends & Downtrends

    • More Strategies & Analysis

    • Morning Routine

    • Scouting Entries & Exits

    • Premature Entries

    • Chasing

    • Chasing Examples

    • Revenge Trading

    • Missing Information

  • Disclaimer

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